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Shethinkshefine* is, of course, another rating community expecially designed for any girl who thinks she fine..."Fine enough to blow your mind". Yep thats right. Now for the Rules...

Community Rules

+ Preferably, we would like our applicants to be at least 14. unless you are outrageously pretty, and KNOW it
+ At least 3 or more pictures MUST be posted when applying for this community.
+ No, you do not have to answer a long 1 hour survey...i think they are stupid. All you need is your NAME, AGE, and LOCATION and your good.
+ When posting your pictures and information, please place your information and FIRST picture and then your other pictures under an LJ-CUT. it is much more convenient for everyone.
((if you do not know how to use an Lj-Cut, refer to the FAQ page of livejournal right here

+ After posting, members of the community will vote on your pictures, and give you either a YES or NO vote. And of course you must have more yes votes than no. After about 6+ votes have been made, we will tally the votes and determine whether or not you are to be stamped.
+ You are NOT permitted to comment or vote on any other entries or applications other than your own until you are stamped and ACCEPTED. IF you do so, you will automatically be REJECTED and not able to apply here again. THIS IS YOUR WARNING

-- If you are rejected: you may try again within a week or so. it's not the end of the world =)

-- If you've been accepted: CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a member of Shethinkshefine, and able to vote and comment on others applying. PROMOTE THE COMMUNITY EVERYWHERE POSSIBLE!!

Rules For Our Members:
* Please vote as much as possible
* Post your own pictures as much as you can, of course using an Lj-Cut
* When voting, try to BE NICE but BE HONEST, i know its hard...but rather than being rude, give the person some constructive criticsm by giving them good advice on how to pretty up their appearence
* Every so often, us moderators will hold an "Open Promotion" for any communities you would like to promote, so please wait until then to promote your communities.
* Over all...HAVE FUN

if you have any further questions
about this community and the rules,
please contact us on IM--
shutupxkis5me OR xxmissjtxx



Your beautiful moderators:

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